Combine Power Of PowerMTA and Interspire

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Interspire + PowerMTA
1. Multiple MTA (Mass Transfer Agent)
2. From ID & Signature Rotation
3. Subject Line Rotation
4. Feedback Loop
5. Power MTA
6. DKIM Setting
7. SPF Settings.
8. Ip Rotation
Etc etc Etc

Some in Depth Details About addons ..

1. Multiple MTA (Mass Transfer Agent): This feature rotates the SMTP and helps to add various domains including Gmail, Yahoo and corporate domain. It provides IP rotation and prevents spamming and Ip blacklisting.
2. From ID & Signature Rotation: This feature helps to decrease the spam ratio by providing unlimited from id and signature rotations.
3. Subject Line Rotation: This feature allows you to add unlimited subjects to a particular email shoot and hence increases response.
4. Feedback Loop: This feature is added to the SMTP and helps to flush any complaints against your IP, Thus clearing blacklisted IPs and reduces spam ratio.

Let me give you some basic info about PowerMTA (There is no words to describe it .Mailers knows its power!!)

PowerMTA features :

As an “MTA” (Message Transfer Agent), PowerMTA is responsible for the core tasks involved with external message delivery, including: queuing, scheduling, connection management, data transfer, processing of deferrals, bounce generation, and tracking of delivery status.

PowerMTA handles these core tasks with greater efficiency, intelligence and control than general purpose MTA’s because of its proprietary architecture designed specifically for customer and prospect communications.

PowerMTA also provides several advanced features that are critical to legitimate senders such as authentication tools, message classification, delivery policy management, reputation and delivery monitoring, etc.

The features PowerMTA offers are unmatched. It focus on message delivery.

For more Info about it Check out PowerMTA Website …

Rate of PowerMTA if you buy officially
(Enterprise Perpetual – $14,000.00 per license (per server) to Standard Annual – $5,500.00 per license )

But But Wait What We Offering You ?

$399 for Installation of both powermta4 + interspire, You do not have to buy anything :)

Requirements – Dedicated Server , VPS with Cpanel and Ips

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*We will install feedbackloop addon only other addon will cost me for prices.
after the initial set up is done we will charge $5 per hour for our support or $50 for monthly support.